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Doctor of Ministry in Urban Leadership


Pastors, parachurch leaders, urban ministry leaders, educators and mission leaders who desire to evangelize and serve the cities more effectively.


Doctor of Ministry (DMin) is distinct from PhD or ThD in that its primary focus is on implementing, strengthening and developing effective urban ministry, rather than preparing the participant for research or teaching in purely academic arenas. We follow the medical model of preparing doctors for surgery in the operating room. The Program takes students to visit and investigate different cities. We regard the cities as the labs, and practitioners become professors. Although DMin is not designed as simply a research degree, in recent years many seminary educators have chosen this degree to enhance their ability to provide training relevant to practical issues in Christian ministry. The program is structured around developing Transformational Leadership for the City.

The course aims to improve the leadership ability of students in urban municipal priorities and service, and it is suitable for the study of pastoral, gospel institutions, city missionary leaders, educators and mission leaders. We encourage each student to consider each assignment, including the dissertation, including the dissertation. After the course, the institutions taken by students and students can be strong.


Through a variety of instructional methods which include interactive lectures, visiting and investigating different cities, small group discussion and projects, reflection, integration, research, class assignment and dissertation/ministry project, the participants will be equipped comprehensively both in theory and practice. They will be exposed to major themes in Urban Transformation and learn to integrate their own experience and tradition, resulting in evangelizing and serving the cities more effectively, more engaging responses to contemporary issues and challenges and their leadership being greatly enhanced.


Admission Requirements

  • MDiv or equivalent

  • At least 5 years of pastoral or related experience

  • Graduating from a unviersity using English as teaching medium or TOFEL 6.0 or IELTS 6.5

Program Design

DMin 課程結構ENG.jpg

* This could include independent/guided study if the course offered do not align with the dissertation/research topic.

​# Must be completed during the first years of the program


Natalie Chan 2021_edited.jpg

Prof Natalie CHAN

DMin (Bakke Graduate University)

Director, Bethel Ray Bakke Centre for Urban Transformation

​and other professors and lecturers at Bethel Bible Seminary

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