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Doctor of Transformational Leadership (DTL)


Leaders in organizations that are focused on urban relief, development or advocacy, or cultural influence from a Christian perspective. These organizations can be non-profit, for-profit, government or non-government entities.


The program is designed to enhance the leadership skills of individuals seeking city transformation, entrepreneurial/organizational transformation, or cultural/spiritual transformation. The DTL is a degree that serves the needs of Christian leaders in both cross-cultural and diverse organizational and political settings, providing the need to equip Christian leaders who work in contexts outside the scope of what Doctor of Ministry (DMin) can cover.


DTL is quite similar to DMin in course design, through a variety of instructional methods which include interactive lectures, visiting and investigating different cities, small group discussion and projects, reflection, integration, research, class assignment and dissertation/ministry project, the participants will be equipped both in theory and practice. However, DTL places a greater emphasis on the needs of the organization as well as the studies and practice in Leadership. We ask every student to write every assignment, including the Dissertation, in ways that benefit their team and institution. Once the student has completed his/her degree both the institution and the student will have been strengthened.

Admission Requirements

  • A Master degree in any discipline from an accredited academic institution

  • At least 5 years of leadership experience in either work or other sphere

  • Graduating from a university with English as teaching Medium or TOEFL 6.0 or IETLS 6.5

Programme Design

DTL 課程結構ENG.jpg

# must be completed during the first year of program

​* This could include independent/guided study if the course offered do not align with the dissertation/research topic.

Additional credits hours for those who do not possess a theological degree or related training

DTL 未擁有神學學位或相關訓練學員的附加學分ENG.jpg

​and other professors and lecturers at Bethel Bible Seminary

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